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Medication Dispensing

Turn Key in Office Medication Dispensing


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Regulatory Compliance

We track the NDC, lot number, and expiration date of every medication ordered and dispensed. Our software also ensures that all of the state-specific compliance reporting is filed accurately and timely on behalf of your practice
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Inventory Management

We help you create a formulary specific to your practice, ensure that you maintain adequate inventory, and monitor expiration dates. All medications are labeled and packaged by a VAWD accredited facility in compliance with DEA and FDA regulations.
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Billing and Collections

Our proprietary software leverages years of experience in maximizing workers’ compensation claim reimbursement. We refuse to charge inflated repack AWP’s. This further aligns us with insurance providers strengthening our reputation and yours.
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Equipment and Supplies

All the necessary equipment and supplies are provided at no expense to our clients. This includes the software, bar code scanner, storage cabinets, printer and labels.

Best in Class Medication Dispensing
NuPath Medical provides turn-key in office medication dispensing services throughout the US. Our services are tailored for physicians seeking to dispense medication for their workers comp or cash pay patients. We provide professional installation, training, equipment, supplies, inventory consulting, proprietary dispensing software, multiple re-packager relationships, industry low medication cost, and industry high collection rates.
Our Dispensing services offer ZERO upfront cost to create a worry free start within your practice.
In office dispensing is beneficial to the patient by ensuring they receive their medication and reduces hours spent waiting at the local pharmacy. Let NuPath Medical launch your Ancillary Dispensing Program right the first time.