Nupath Toxicology Services

Streamlined Urine Drug Testing Services and Confirmation

We know how important it is for your practice to minimize safety risk while maximizing successful patient treatment outcomes. That’s why NuPath Medical’s laboratories tailor our custom Urine Drug Testing Services to best meet your individual practice’s needs

Why choose Nupath Medical?

  • Extremely fast turnaround time
  • Review of all results by highly qualified toxicology experts
  • Direct access with a lab technician or toxicologist
  • Report delivery options include fax, electronic delivery, secure web portal access and Hl7 Interface
  • Strict quality control protocols to ensure accurate and timely results
  • Customized solution for every client
  • Multiple report options: toxicologist review, snap shot, historical, etc.
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Urine Drug Testing in Atlanta GA

What sets our Urine Drug Testing apart?

  • Initial screen done by EIA, confirmations processed with gold standard of toxicology laboratory testing, LC-MS/MS technology
  • Initial screen includes 87 prescription and illicit drugs
  • Industry-leading cut-off values, allows accurate detection at lower levels of concentration
  • Professional consultation with qualified toxicologists
  • Use of purification technologies like SPE/LLE results in high specificity and unparalleled sensitivity
  • Exact quantification by request
  • Data management options including graphing tools and practice reports

To set up a urine drug testing program and to order kits, contact NuPath Medical Sales or your local representative